How We Keep Our Birds

Being organic our birds are kept in the best possible comfort where the welfare of our birds is our first and foremost priority (A happy bird yields a better product).

We use peat underfoot in their housing as it is soft and comfortable, birds naturally love to dust bathe. We keep our stocking level very low so they have plenty of room to exhibit their natural behaviour and they can spend their daylight hours with access to our orchards.  The trees encourage the birds outside as by their nature they are a woodland bird and don’t really like open spaces.

Baby birds start life needing utmost care (they need a temperature of 35* c and need to be checked to make sure they eat and drink properly .)

They need this heat and comfort until they develop their feathers usually by about five weeks

From four weeks birds are fed twice daily with our certifiable organic feed. During the day they love being outside where they can eat anything green and they have thoroughly enjoyed the apples this year.